PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Rutherford High School invited two culinary specialists to discuss various career options in the food industry.

The Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services Division of Food, Nutrition, and Wellness joined Rutherford High School’s culinary art classes Tuesday.

Culinary Ambassador and State Chef Monta Hill talked to the class about the different careers there are in culinary. Chef Hill said there is far more than just cooking and eating in the culinary field.

“There’s always plate decorating, there’s always cake decorating, there’s always frying, there’s always baking, there’s always roasting, there’s always being creative,” said Chef Hill. “With this classroom here, I see a bunch of creative minds. They just have to tap into it.”

Rutherford High School students learned about food groups, eating habits, Florida agriculture, and how food can change your mood.

Chief Hill said each class inspired him, and he hopes he opened up some opportunities to the students.

“It all starts with one person,” said Chef Hill. “That one person can make a huge difference to the next person. I think that’s what the common goal was today was to come here, mold, educate and help grow.”

Rutherford students said the lesson gave them career options and a new perspective on how to use their creativity and individuality wherever they go.

“He really taught us, like, how to be creative and like how every day you can do something creative and how it is like it doesn’t have to be dull and boring every day,” said Rutherford student Jada Peterson. “So, you can be creative and just be yourself being yourself.”

“When I started, like fully telling myself in my head that I wanted to pursue being a zoologist, it’s not only because of my love for exotic animals, it’s also like being in culinary has made me think about all the foods that I can figure out what figure out what foods will go with all the different animals,” said Rutherford student Megan Sorrell.

Rutherford students say Chef Hill inspired them to look into culinary as a career and also live healthier in their everyday lives.