Residents voice concern after 4 die in crash on S.R. 388

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — After four people lost their lives in a car crash on State Road 388 this week, residents are bringing up safety concerns about the roadway.

Three other fatal accidents have happened there since 2019, killing 10 people in total. Law enforcement officers say they are well aware of the danger and are doing their best to make sure motorists are more aware while on the road.

“One tragedy is too many,” Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Jason King said concerned. “State Road 388 is a cut-through road to Pier Park. It’s also, people are in a hurry to make a flight or when they’re coming home from a flight.”

With more than 45 reported accidents since 2019, residents say it’s a dangerous drive and needs more partol efforts from law enforcement. Which Lieutenant King says they already do.

“We actually assign troopers to do selective enforcement details on five different occasions speciffically for State Road 388,” Lieutenant King said about their patrols.

Since 2019, troopers have issued more than 150 traffic stops on State Road 388. Issuing citations, warnings and faulty equipment notices. All to help keep drivers more aware of the danger. “We hope to reduce the traffic crash fatalities just as much as the citizens in the area do,” Lieutenant King added.

Now, loved ones of the victims of the most recent crash are mourning. Family members of 51-year-old victim Christy Barfield say it’s been a very difficult time for the family. They’ve set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover her funeral expenses and they say they’re grateful for all contributions.

Christy Barfield died in the crash along with her husband, Tracey, mother-in-law Linda and brother-in-law Stacey Barfield. Another Go Fund Me has been set up by Barfield family relative Riana Walker, to be split among all four victims in the crash.

“It would mean a lot to them just to know they have the support of the community,” Kiana Walker told News 13.

The links to the two Go Fund Me pages are listed below:

Memorial expenses for Christy Barfield
Kiana Walker’s fundraiser for the victims

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