BAY COUNTY, Fla (WMBB) — In the Parker and Callaway area residents have seen more than nine inches of rain over the last three days.

The rainfall resulted in massive flooding and quite the frustration for homeowners in the Bay County neighborhood.

A resident, Tim King, said he has repeatedly tried to get help from the County Commission in hopes of solving the issue. King said the flooding is a problem every time it rains.

“As you can see the roads are being flooding and we cant even get the roads built up. Mail people have problems and school buses have problems out here. I mean all you got to do is look,” King said. “I just want to get some help out here and get some attention out here.”

The corner of Fernwood Way and Alpine Road were heavily flooded in the neighborhood and water was flowing out of the ditch and into the streets.

On Greenwood Way parts of the road had been broken by the flowing water.

“It happens every time it rains out here and I made numerous calls to roads and bridges,” King said. “I made calls to the commissioners office and they just keep referring me back to roads and bridges.”

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In a statement, Josee Cyr, Bay County public works director said many of these properties in this area are designated as wetlands and located FEMA flood plans.

“Many of the properties in this area of the county are designated as wetlands by the state of Florida and are located within FEMA floodplains, and Bay County can’t change those designations, Said Cyr. “When massive quantities of rain fall in a short amount of time, these locations are prone to flooding. The federal and state government do not permit cutting ditches in wetlands to drain the property.”

King said people have been out there to look at the issue, but nothing has been done. He said the ditches aren’t flowing the way they should be.