PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — An incident report from the Bay County Sheriff’s office describes a terrifying struggle between deputies and a disturbed man.

Michael Jerome Brown, 51, of Monroeville, Ala., broke into Zoo World on Panama City Beach and attacked employees and threatened patrons, deputies wrote in an incident report.

The incident began when Brown attempted to enter the zoo without paying, according to the incident report. When employees tried to stop them he threatened them and got into the zoo.

At one point, “he deemed one of (the employees) his wife/girlfriend. When they denied his claims, Michael became enraged,” the incident report states.

Deputies wrote that as they arrived Brown shoved a woman against the wall knocking her unconscious and then, upon seeing them, screamed and charged at them.

A deputy tased Brown but it had no impact on him.

“Once Michael was guided to the ground, he continued to aggressively fight and resist arrest. A drive stun was directed to Michael’s leg, which had a slightly better effect resulting in us being able to rotate him to his side. Michael tried to bite (a deputy) numerous times while reaching and grabbing for our arms and weapons,” the incident report states. “At one point, Michael grabbed my agency-issued duty weapon by wrapping his hand around the grip of my firearm. I delivered an elbow strike to his hand causing Michael to release my firearm.”

During this struggle, Brown was able to get a Taser.

“After pulling my arm, Michael was able to gain physical control of my agency issued X26P Taser,” the incident report states. “After a few seconds of having the weapon, (a deputy) removed the taser from Michael’s possession.”

Brown kept yelling, ‘Where’s my wife?’ but when deputies tried to dig deeper into the question Brown gave them different names and locations for his wife.

He also threatened to kill the deputies.

After he was taken to a hospital deputies learned Brown had used methamphetamine, cocaine and benzodiazepine, the incident report states.

Brown is being held in the Bay County Jail on a $39,500 bond.