Raising spring chickens: What You Need to Know

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Many people may be spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic and looking for a new hobby or home improvement idea for springtime.

Kevin Elliott, the Home Dabbler, joined News 13 This Morning via video chat to discuss how to raise baby chicks and care for spring chickens.

Elliott covered the necessary supplies, associated costs, how the chicks grow and how to protect them from predators throughout the show.

He said the costs of raising chicks are low, but that they are a long-term commitment, similar to any other pet. He also stressed the importance of making sure the chicks are protected from predators, including raccoons and snakes.

Elliott also talked about the farm-fresh eggs from the hens and how to store them.

Find out more in the segments below.

In this segment, Elliott covers the basics of raising spring chickens and the long-term commitment needed to care for them.

Later in the show, The Home Dabbler broke down the supplies needed for chicks.

Lastly, he discussed farm-fresh eggs and how to store them.

As a former home improvement professional who owned his own business for 10 years, Elliott is an expert with do-it-yourself projects around your home or money-saving tips.

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