PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – If you needed gas Tuesday, you might have noticed gas prices have increased by 25 cents.

At the end of October, regular gas prices averaged $3.29 in Florida. According to AAA Florida, gas prices are still low compared to last year.

In May of 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a house bill that provided more than $1.2 billion in tax relief for Floridians. This included gas.

During the month of October, Florida citizens saw a 25-cent discount on the price of gas, which ended on Halloween.

“It’s tough to go out with your family somewhere and, you know, it’s going to be a long distance if the gas prices are so high,” said Bay County resident, Victor Carrillo.

The price of oil went up by 17 percent in early October. OPEC recently announced plans to cut oil production rates. The price currently is still six cents less than it was a month ago. However, local residents are still not satisfied with gas prices.

“It ticked me off and a lot of other people, too, and of course, I noticed it in my pocketbook,” said Bay County resident, Darlene Harris.

While the gas price spiked in Florida because of the gas tax holiday ending, some locals said another politician deserves the blame.

“Prices are up all the time. It’s just every time you turn around, Joe Biden was given a perfect America, almost perfect. And then in two years, he’s just about to have destroyed everything,” said Bay County residents Jack and Tammi Devilbiss.

The average price of regular gas per gallon in Panama City is currently $3.21.