PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The memory of Hurricane Michael is still fresh in the minds of people in the Panhandle.

It should serve as a strong reminder to review and renew your hurricane preparedness plan.

NSA-PC Oceanographer and Meteorologist Leanna Cox said if an evacuation is issued during the upcoming year, and you’re not prepared, you will be out of luck.

“The time to make a decision is not when an evacuation is ordered or when a hurricane is already projected to come towards us, waiting to develop a plan at the last moment can create chaos and create a sense of emergency that you might forget important items that you or your family member might need.”

A large part of preparing for the tropical season is assembling a survival kit. NSA-PC officials listed out the essentials a small family will likely need in the event of an evacuation.

-Extra clothing, towels, sturdy shoes


-Hand warmers 

-Water filtration systems, in case of no running water, or you run out of water bottles

-Wipes, hand sanitizer

-Non-perishables, canned food (preferably with pop-tops, so you don’t need a can opener)

-A camping burner, lighter, fuel  

-Premade camping meals, add hot water

-Pet food, leash  if you have them 

-Satellite radio or NOAA radio



-Duck tape

-First aid kit 

-Laminated insurance cards and health forms

-30 days’ worth of prescriptions 

-List of necessary contacts

You should prepare enough to cover you, your family, and your pets for at least 2-3 days.

Cox also had some suggestions in case your family has small children, like getting canned food that your kids enjoy, to make the experience less traumatic and more like camping.

It’s also important to store your kit in a condensed bin you can easily handle. If it is more than 50-75 pounds it may be hard to maneuver in a rush. Cox also recommended that the evacuation bin should be a different color than the rest of your storage bins, so it can be easily identified.

NSA-PC recommended and as additional websites to help with your hurricane preparedness plan.