Pre-application approved for new convention center

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Big News in Panama City on Tuesday, as the pre-application to build a new convention center has been approved.        

The city submitted a pre-application for $40 million to build a new convention center, and that application has met the minimum requirements to proceed.

City officials say the current Civic Center is outdated and not equipped to meet the growing needs of event and conference coordinators.

According to studies, conference centers can help with significant economic growth.

City Manager, Mark McQueen, also said a building like this could be used as a shelter in times of emergency.

“Now we’re able to start looking at where is the best place to put the convention center,” he said. “That’s a different decision from the Civic Center. We still don’t know the outcome of the Civic Center, but it would be ideal if we could put both of those projects together.”

The city will now start working with design consultants to work on a formal application to submit.

This application will be a more complete plan of what kind of facility will be built, and how it will meet the community’s needs.

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