PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — One big part of traveling and visiting new places for active social media users is the pictures and videos they post on Instagram.

Between the beaches, landmarks, and entertainment spots, Panama City Beach has several places to capture the perfect moment.

Panama City Beach is well known for its beaches. It may seem basic, but going down to the sand and ocean waters is a great spot for a photo opportunity. From sunrise to sunset, the beauty of the beaches will make for great content.

If you’re lucky, you may experience different wildlife flying around, jumping in the waves, or laying in the sand to make for an even better moment.

If you are looking for an area that has more than just sand and water, Pier Park is the place to go. From the entrance archway, the Ferris wheel with a view of the city, the strip of rainbow houses, and the many storefronts, there is a place for everyone to get the image they want.

With the variety of colors and styles of the spots in Pier Park, it is perfect for any outfit or pose you could think of.

A bit more out of the ordinary for a photo opportunity is the giant chair located at the Margaritaville Resort. Whether it is to gather the family in one snapshot or to have a fun silly moment of just yourself, the chair is a unique spot.

Several people can fit onto the wooden structure with the city’s name on full display on the chair. Along with the chair, the resort itself has many other beautiful spots to stop and strike a pose.

If you’re looking to really step out of the normal tourist backgrounds of Panama City Beach, the Conservation Park is perfect for you. The park is full of amazing places along the 24 miles of trails and over a mile of boardwalks.

Whether it’s a picture in the Gulf of Mexico or amongst the many Cypress trees, there is a plethora of locations for the picture that might be just what you need for your Instagram feed.