PONCE DE LEON, Fla. (WMBB) — What would you do if you received a water bill for nearly $1,000?

A Ponce de Leon woman said her bills consistently total hundreds of dollars a month, and it’s been going on for 10 years, she said she’s complained to the town, but isn’t getting anywhere.

Ponce de Leon resident Wendy Varner said she’s opened her mailbox to find hundreds of dollars worth of water bills.

And she doesn’t understand why.

“Every water bill is exceeding more and more and I’ve tried to work with them and they just keep saying there is nothing they can do. And I mean $250 and up to $980 is a lot of money for water,” Varner said. “Especially when you aren’t using it.”

Verner said her bills average around $200 a month even when nobody is home.

“They have replaced my meter about three or four times. They put a monitor on it and determined it wasn’t a leak in my home,” Varner said. “They’ve adjusted my bill when it was $980 cause I used 70,000 gallons of water between hours of 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. and I wasn’t home, I was in Tallahassee taking care of my elderly mom and there was nobody in the home and there was no water running and I’ve just, I’ve had enough.”

Varner claims she’s not alone.

“I am voicing for a lot of other people in the town due to the fact that they have to work today, and they are having the same issues they are calling me asking me ‘What to do did your bill over go, what did you do when your bill was so high?’ Well I had to pay it, otherwise, they will come lock it,” Varner said.

City officials declined to comment on camera.

But they did tell us, they’ve proven Varner does not have a leak, so her bills reflect her current water usage.

While Varner claims she’s attended many town council meetings over the years to discuss the problem, they said she hasn’t been to any council meetings.

Ponce de Leon officials did tell us they plan to address water bills at Tuesday evening’s council meeting.