Editor’s Note: We have updated this story.

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Lynn Haven voters selected a new commissioner Tuesday night.

Sam Peebles was elected with 68% of the vote, 983 total votes. Brian Gray had 32% of the vote with 459 total votes.

During the campaign, Gray highlighted his 31 years with the Florida Army National Guard and 24 years with Florida’s Probation Office. He currently works as a licensed mental health counselor with the Veteran’s Administration.

Peebles is a third-generation citizen and said his family loved this city so much that they moved back after his active duty service in the Air Force. He served for 12 years in the Air Force and Florida Air National Guard, with a background in risk management, and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Gulf Coast State College.

During the campaign, Peebles advocated for trying to bring Lynn Haven into the future. He said he wanted the city to provide transparent and affordable access to city records.

Gray said his main objective is that he can provide trust, transparency, ethics, and checks and balances to the Lynn Haven Commission. Gray also wanted to focus on using Lynn Haven’s own people and resources to help cut costs in addressing stormwater and infrastructure issues.

Peebles spent election night at his house, surrounded by friends and family. He said he had been contemplating running for years.

“Every single person I knocked on their door I asked them, what’s something you like about Lynn Haven, what’s something you’d like to see changed or want help with?” Peebles said. “And the number one thing was flooding. They want better communication and they’d like help with sidewalks and things like that. So number one, without a doubt storm water.”

Brian Gray also watched the results roll in at a friend’s house in Southport. He said he wishes Peebles the best and hopes he will listen to the people.

“Well, I hope he’ll make some good changes,” Gray said. “At least vote the way the people want things to go. I look forward to continuing to work with Lynn Haven and make some good changes that need to be made. And hopefully going forward, we’ll have some good things happen in Lynn Haven and things continue to happen.”

Peebles is scheduled to be sworn in at next Tuesday’s commission meeting.