PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City’s own Jimmy Patronis is expected to win re-election as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Republican incumbent held a comfortable lead over Democrat Adam Hattersley with close to 60 percent of the vote late Tuesday night.

Patronis praised Gov. Ron DeSantis and saying that he plans to stick closely to the governor’s agenda during his term. Patronis also said he would continue to fight for first responders in his role as Florida’s State Fire Marshal.

“We’ve got a governor that’s kept the state of Florida open,” Patronis said. “He won by the one of the biggest margins in Florida history. And that gives us a mandate, an agenda to do right by the citizens of the state of Florida. We need to continue to lean forward, make sure Florida stays open, stays free.”

His opponent, Adam Hattersley plans to work alongside Patronis and fight for what he believes is important.

“We’ve built up a great following all across the state and so continuing to to fight for what’s important to Floridians and even help to push that conversation and push policy towards fixing property insurance,” Hattersley said. “Win or lose is absolutely something in the cards for us. So, yeah, we’re going to keep pushing either way.”

Patronis celebrated the victory at his family business, Capt. Anderson’s restaurant. Several hundred supporters were in attendance to watch the results and celebrate the victory.