PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Residents of Parker went to the polls Tuesday to decide their mayoral and council seat 2 representatives.

The incumbent, Andrew Kelly, triumphed over the challenger Patricia Fousek. Kelly received 65% of the vote with 389 votes, and Fousek received 35% of the vote with 210 votes.

Mayor Kelly said he talked to residents about what they want from their city government and claims that the people say he’s on the right track.

“What do you want me to do as your mayor?” Kelly said. “And without a doubt, they should continue doing the things that you’ve done from the past two years. In June, we will have finally balanced all of the books. We’re saving money now. We’re not losing money.”

However, his opponent Patricia Fousek strongly disagreed with Kelly’s assessment of the job he was doing.

“With our finances in the city, I’d like him to really explore the financial situation before he arbitrarily assesses an ad valorem tax against the residents because I think it’s unnecessary,” Fousek said.

For Council Seat 2, Tonya Barrow defeated Cameron Fuqua. Barrow received 58% of the vote with 347 votes and Fuqua received 42% of the vote with 250 votes.

Barrow declined to do an interview with us, but Fuqua did comment on the race and his election experiences.

“I think that the character and charm of Parker has to be shared with the greater Bay County area,” Fuqua said. “Bay County is growing. Panama City is growing. And ultimately, Parker will grow. And I think it’s important that anybody, whether it’s Tanya, Mayor Kelly, or other council members, support that growth and ultimately share the beauty and charm of Parker for what it is.”