BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Changes may be ahead for four Bay County cities: Tuesday is Election Day, with multiple municipal elections to be held.

Voters in Panama City Beach, Callaway, Mexico Beach and Springfield are gearing up for the elections.

Despite a low turnout for early voting, Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen said Tuesday will most likely be better.

He said voters need to be aware of their registration status and location before the big day.

“It’s very important to know early,” Andersen said. “I wouldn’t wait until 6:58 election night to check your registration or even go down that path. I really encourage the earlier you get your vote cast, the better off it is for everyone.”

Andersen said although you may think you live in city limits, that may not be the case.

“You may have an actual, I’ll give the Beach as an example, Panama City Beach address, but you’re not annexed actually into the city,” he said. “There are lots of parcels and pieces like that. Same thing with Springfield, Callaway. Mexico Beach is pretty solid.”

Each city has its own voting place, and you can only cast a ballot in your specific city.

Panama City Beach, where candidates are running for commission wards one and three, will host voting at the Lyndell Conference Center located at 423 Lyndell Lane.

Panama City Beach voters can also cast their ballots at the Frank Brown Community Center located at 16200 Panama City Beach Parkway.

In Callaway, candidates are running for commission ward two. Residents can cast their ballots at the Callaway Arts and Conference Center located at 500 Callaway Parkway.

Mayoral candidates in Springfield will be on the ballot at Springfield City Hall located at 408 School Avenue.

In Mexico Beach, where candidates are running for council groups four and five, the voting poll will be set up at the First Baptist Church of Mexico Beach located at 823 15th Street.

Andersen said now’s the time to have your voice heard.

“You hear lots of people talk about they’re happy about this or unhappy about this,” he said. “Keep in mind, if you want to keep someone that you like elected, then you go and vote. If you want to remove someone that you don’t like, then you go vote. But if you don’t vote at all, you’re not having an opinion one way or another, so I always encourage people to go have their opinion known.”

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

For voters who have not yet turned in their mail-in ballots, Andersen said it’s too late to stick them in the mail, but voters are welcome to bring those mail-in ballots by his office on Tuesday until 7 p.m. so their votes will count.

The Supervisor’s office is located at the Bay County Government Center on 11th Street in Panama City.