Editor’s note: We have corrected this story. There is no runoff for Council Seat 2, Jerry Smith was victorious.

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Mexico Beach residents cast their ballots Tuesday to decide their next mayoral and council seat 2 and 3 representatives.

In a massive surprise for the mayoral race, the incumbent Al Cathey was defeated by the challenger Michele Miller. Miller received 53% of the vote with 283 votes and Cathey received 47% of the vote with 253 votes.

“It feels awesome,” Miller said. “It feels so exciting for not me but for these citizens here. We’re moving forward in a different direction.”

”The end of my run, I felt good about what we had accomplished,” Cathey said. “I felt good about what we’ve planned for, for the future and I think the new mayor and one new council member, they’re going to reap the benefits of that.”

For Council Seat 2, Jerry Smith was victorious over his competitors Gary Cox and Lisa Logan. Smith received 39% of the vote with 211 votes, and Cox received 31% of the vote with 170 votes. Lisa Logan, the third candidate, received 30% of the vote with 164 votes.

For Council Seat 3, Linda W Hamilton defeated Bobby Pollock. Hamilton received 59% of the vote with 320 votes, and Pollock received 41% of the vote with 225 votes.

“We’re so grateful for this support of our city,” Hamilton said. “This is a wonderful small town with a loving atmosphere and we just couldn’t be more grateful and we give thanks to the Lord above for all of His support through this adventure.”