LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Lynn Haven voters made it clear Tuesday night that they wanted change in their city.

They rejected the candidates who were around during the corruption investigation or those who had ties to some of the defendants.

The federal corruption case began in 2019 shortly after Hurricane Michael decimated the city.  

As of Wednesday, the city’s former mayor, leisure services director, city manager, and city attorney have all pleaded guilty in the case. 

Every city commissioner serving at that time either left the job or was defeated during reelection bids. 

Mayor Jesse Nelson, who began serving after former Mayor Margo Anderson was indicted, was reelected Tuesday night.

He defeated Judy Tinder, who was serving as a city commissioner when the corruption case began. 

Tinder was never indicted or accused of wrongdoing.

However, Nelson said winning his 12 percent margin is an indication of the mood of the voters. 

“It tells me that our citizens certainly want officials or officials that are in office that can work together officials that can make sure that we’re focusing on the priorities of the city and not focusing on our own priorities,” Nelson said. 

Nelson claims his policies focus on change while keeping with tradition.

“We try to enact those in a way where it’s not a burden on a certain demographic of our community or a certain sector of citizens of our community that we all try to make sure that we’re not violating anybody’s freedoms or rights,” Nelson said. 

George Hines is the City’s Charter Review Committee Chairman.

He said this is an example of citizen’s choice.

“That’s what elections all about,” Hines said. “Systems that vote the way they what they believe needs to be done. If they want them out there, vote them out. And that’s probably why they did it.”

The election results will be certified Friday.