PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — If you can’t make it to Times Square in New York City to see the ball drop, you can see a beach ball drop here in Panama City Beach.

Staying true to its beach town vibes, Panama City Beach has held a beach ball dropping for 13 years. 

“For years we used to drop it with a crane, and it was a ball that wasn’t stationary like this one. And then it’s been such a success. Excuse me, such a success. They decided to put a permanent fixture in here,” Production Manager for Pier Park New Year’s Eve events Mike Frimet said. 

As the event has grown over the years, they also have increased the number of beach balls. 

“There will be nine nets down the street that’ll be filled with I don’t know how many thousands of small beach balls,” Frimet said.  “And they drop those at 8:00 from family, kids, and whatnot.”

In addition to all the beach balls, there will also be live music along with fun and games for the whole family. 

“So that will be the vendor area,” Frimet said. “There’ll be photo booths down there. We have a snow zone down there, so we have a snow machine. People can take pictures in front of the snow zone, banner D.J., kind of more family oriented for sure. And obviously, we had all the great shops and restaurants and people can, you know, hang out and eat, drink until the music starts down here.”

And at midnight, thousands of revelers will say goodbye to 2022. 

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