GREENWOOD, Fla. (WMBB) — Peanut farmers got hands-on experience with one of the most popular and lucrative crops in the area Thursday.

Peanut Field Day has been an annual event for around 40 years.

Experts taught farmers about the latest techniques in growing peanuts.

Tractors transported farmers and industry experts around the peanut fields to six different stations.

There, they learned how to pick the best variety, and how to manage diseases, weeds, and insects to grow a profitable crop.

“One of the best ways we find people learn is to actually see it in person,” University of Florida Agronomy Professor Dr. Barry Tillman said. “To actually be able to walk into the field and see the peanuts and touch them versus just a PowerPoint that’s on the slide and where we are just talking so I think it brings home the value of it to the grower if they see it personally instead of just seeing it on a slide.”

Peanuts are one of the dominant crops in the area along with cotton.