PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Panama City Police Department is training officers on how to drive an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV.

You might have seen police use new ATVs at parades or significant events to help with crowds, but the Panama City Police Department also needs them for other reasons.

ATVs can help transport supplies and maneuver through wooded or undeveloped areas.
Sergeant Joseph Record said the training teaches officers to maneuver vehicles through difficult terrain.

“They can be utilized to help out,” said Record.” I know we’ve used them in the past to head up to the airport. There were a couple of down planes we got to go up and assist in locating the plane. These are, like I said, get us to places that cars just can’t go.”

Panama City officers go through four to six hours of lessons on various terrain.

Panama City Police officials said they would like 20 officers trained to use ATVs, but right now, only eight officers are trained.