PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Panama City Police Department threw their second-ever bike rodeo Sunday afternoon.

It’s the police department’s initiative to help inform the public about the importance of biker safety.

They set up several obstacle courses at Oakland Terrace Park to get kids engaged. They practiced avoidance drills by steering through cones while trying their best to not hit them.

Panama City Quality of Life brought games, Newk’s Eatery catered food, and Steve’s Bike Shop workers brought tools to help repair peoples’ old bikes for free.

Sergeant Joseph Record said although many of the activities were geared toward kids, biker safety is important for everyone.

“Bicycles are required to follow the same laws as vehicles so while they’re riding around they should go with the flow of traffic on that same side of the road just like when you’re walking you’ll go against traffic,” PCPD Segreant Joseph Record said. “So a lot of people aren’t aware of that and they ride all kind of random ways, they don’t stop at stop signs, they don’t obey any other traffic laws because they’re on a bicycle they feel they don’t need to, but by law, they’re supposed to.”

Sergeant Record said the most important biker safety tip for both kids and adults is to always wear a helmet.

At the event, 25 bikes and helmets were given away to kids who needed them. The Boys and Girls Club of Bay County and Academy partnered to make it happen.