PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Every year, the Panama City Police Department partners with the Council on Aging and makes gift baskets for senior citizens.

With Santa by their side, they hand-delivered each basket on Friday morning.

“This year, they provided us with 35 seniors,” Panama City Police Department Captain Chris Taylor said. “And through our donations and officers within the Panama City Police Department, we were able to fulfill every request all 35 seniors had on their list along with adding to it stuff they didn’t request that they might enjoy.”

Sabrina McCloud and her husband Daniel were on their porch when Santa walked up with a few surprises.

“We consider ourselves blessed today, yes we do,” Daniel Mccloed said.

Mccloud said these small acts of kindness give her hope.

“It made my day, I’m going to be grinning all day,” Mccloud said. “I’m going to be grinning all the rest of the month. I’ll be talking about this for years. It’s wonderful.”

Panama City Police said this allows them to also grow their relationship with the community.

“It’s powerful just as same as it is with the children. We never know. Any one of us at any point could be that senior where all of our family and loved ones are gone and just know there are still people that care. It’s a very tremendous feeling,” Taylor said.