PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla.(WMBB) — Panama City Beach hotels have been receiving phone calls from tourists about what the weather might look like.

Panama City Beach has not received many phone calls or bookings from the South and Central Florida evacuees. Panama City Beach Hotels said they are prepared to host if any evacuees come.

“My understanding is that the Governor and others involved are kinds of recommending people not to come north, and to kind of go over the west to get away from it,” Director of Operation Grand Panama Colby LaDuke said. “This can kind of have a play in things, but thankfully for us it going to be business as normal.”

Panama City Beach hotels said earlier this week many visitors wanted to cancel their vacation. However, as Hurricane Ian become more clear throughout the week, the request for cancelations stopped.

Service Manager for Origin Hotel, Reef Hotel, Seahaven Beach Hotel, and Palm Grove Hotel Grace Joseph, said everything is relatively normal for this time of year and has even increased.

“Kids are back in school, it’s a little bit calmer,” said Joseph. “It makes it great for vacation time, you can get your spot on the beach; there are a good amount of people here.”

Hotels are advising visitors to be prepared for all types of weather, even if it is sunny, windy, or rainy during their stay.