PANAMA CITY, Fla.(WMBB)– Panama City Beach Police sent officers to Venice, Florida to help with Hurricane Ian recovery efforts.

The police department selected ten volunteer officers to go to Venice.

Beach police officers carried ATVs, K-9 units, communication equipment, and anything else they might be helpful in the mission.

“Help can come in a bunch of different ways, whether it is helping pick up trash off the ground or helping provide police services and everything in between,” said Panama City Beach Chief of Police J.R. Talamentez. “We are there to take some weight off the shoulders of the first responders and help them start the rebuild process.”

Venice City officials say damages are widespread. The city is dealing with power outages and no cell phone service.

“At least in the video and pictures that I have seen, it is catastrophic damage and there are going to be many challenges ahead and our hearts go out,” said Talamantez.

Venice was of the cities that sent first responders here after Hurricane Michael. The Panama City Beach officers believe this is an opportunity to give back, as well as show support.

Talamentez says the officers will stay in Venice for several weeks.