PANAMA CITY, (WMBB) — One Panama City resident decided to feed 100 people Thursday after realizing they wouldn’t receive a Thanksgiving meal.

Ginnie Maceluch’s stepmother lives in the St. Andrews Towers. When Maceluch heard there was not going to be a Thanksgiving meal for residents she decided to make one for everyone.

Over the past three weeks, Maceluch bought several turkeys in preparation. She also cooked sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes and other sides. She said she felt compelled to help out when she heard there wouldn’t be a meal. 

“I heard that they didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving dinner. I just thought that was too sad. I just decided we’d have Thanksgiving dinner.”

This is the first year Maceluch provided meals for people at the towers. But she said she’s thinking about making it an annual tradition. Many residents ate in a common room with friends and neighbors.