BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Forest Park residents grew frustrated at Tuesday’s Panama City Commission meeting over a new neighbor. A non-profit drug and alcohol recovery home called the Oxford house is asking the city to annex their new house on State Ave.

“You’ve got young children, elderly women who are now concerned about their safety,” one Panama City Resident said.

Person after person spoke at the Panama City commission meeting Tuesday morning. Each had concerns about the State Ave. home.

“My running route is all three of these houses,” Panama City Resident Shawn Holmes said.

Holmes said there are three Oxford houses within a one-mile radius. Residents also contend the houses hurt their property value.

But Tuesday afternoon, the Oxford houses were quiet, with well-kept houses.

But commissioners said legally, municipalities must have accommodations for people with disabilities. Drug and alcohol addiction are legally considered disabilities.

“I don’t think we can discriminate and tell them they can’t operate there by law,” Panama City Commissioner Billy Rader said.

Some residents said the Oxford homes are too close together because group homes are not allowed to be within 1,000 feet of each other. But Oxford homes are not classified as group homes.

“The Oxford House itself, the entity of itself is protected and it is not considered a group home,” Panama City Commissioner Jenna Haligas said. “This is considered people living in a residential home that are actually Protected under Disabilities Act.”

But residents urged commissioners not to annex the State Avenue home into Panama City.

Commissioners said they can’t prevent the home from operating as an Oxford house. Annexation would only provide access to city water and sewer lines. Commissioners said a property’s usage should not sway their decision on the annexation request.

The city will have a public hearing on the annexation in three weeks.