PARKER, FLA. (WMBB) — On Tuesday night the Parker City Council met with residents to discuss potentially buying the Donalson Point lift station and boat ramp.

The area is currently owned by 51 parcel owners around the area, who could be held liable if someone was injured on the property. The ramp is used by many people from around the area, and has been maintained by the city for decades.

“I’ve been mayor for 90 days,” Andrew Kelly, the Mayor of Parker said. “And of all of the things that we have to take care of in the city of Parker, this is the one that has been the most difficult.”

While some residents are concerned that the city could decide not to clean up the area if it is hit by a natural disaster, Kelly said that he plans to continue to maintain the area, regardless of whether it is legal or not.

“We’d continue to pay the taxes, we’d buy the insurance policy,” Kelly said. “We would maintain the dock, we would maintain, most importantly, the lift station.”

While the majority of Donalson Point residents are in favor of selling their property around the ramp to the city, some holdouts are concerned that there may be increased attraction to the ramp from visitors to the area. Currently, there are only eight parking spots around the Donalson Point boat ramp, with little area for the public to park. 

Since there is not consensus among the tenants over whether to sell the land to the city, Parker cannot buy the property. The city would need to own all parcels of the property surrounding the ramp to fully take on the liability. Currently, that liability is still with the residents. 

However, attorney Tim Sloan is currently looking for the heirs of the property, through a private investigator. If Sloan can find the heirs, and convince them to sell the parcels to the city, Parker would immediately take on the liability of injury.