Starting things out let’s track Santa, he’s on his way he’ll be here quick. Kids if you want the toys you picked, make sure your in bed by the time he gets to Atlanta. Traveling around the world in one night, You can thank NORAD for this Site. It looks like he’ll be here soon a ton of gifts he has given. On to our Forecast as it is written. 

We continue to expect nothing more than a few clouds around. Definitely the only white will be the sand on the ground. 

Pleasant conditions to say the least, you could even sit outside for the family feast. 

At the North Pole the weather not as clear, but plenty of Christmas cheer. 

We expect to be in the lower 70’s with just a few passing clouds around, at the North Pole its nothing but snow on the ground.

How about we look to the future to see what’s near. The only issue will be the change in wind direction but no storms to worry about or shear. Thats a weather joke if If I wasn’t clear, nothing to worry about out here. Just a tiny chance at a rain shower but don’t worry nothing will last more than an hour.  Really that’s overstating it, rain chances are very small with Futurecast explaining it.

Little rain chances going to the end of the year, this likely means the rainfall record is in the clear. We had a bunch of rain the year of 2021, most of it was not fun. As we continue with dry conditions, let’s hope 2022 brings new traditions. 

Now back to the task at hand, giving you the forecast so you can achieve all that is planned. 

Tonight while Santa is on his way, much warmer than average in the 50’s we will stay. Mostly clear with the winds out of the southeast, the south component to the wind always brings the heat. 

High pressure in control we continue to see clean sweeps. Viper live radar showing nothing that can’t be beat. When storms are around you can always count on us, in the storm track 13 app you can trust. 

Our local temps had a range climbing into the 70’s this afternoon. Now we see our temps fall soon, if you don’t like the warm weather we currently seat. Go to the west in the Rockies where snow will be measured in feet. 

This pattern one familiar to that in a La Niña winter, can be one that is hard to splinter. Warm and dry weather persist for the east, while cold with storms in the west that will not cease. 

You don’t have to think back to far to know this pattern changes, just last year it was Texas getting hammered with cold in the pattern arranges. So don’t count us out just yet from deep winter cold. The pattern might flip in January of that I’m almost sold. 

Tomorrow beach and boating conditions look right inviting, water temps in the 60’s will keep me from diving. Get out and enjoy this awesome weather, with friends and family what could be better.