We could see a few showers across the southeast Big Bend, but rain chances will be limited as the upper-level trough swings into the region. Expect lows in the mid-30s to mid-40s tonight with highs in the mid-50s to lower 60s tomorrow, which is a touch cooler high temperature-wise compared to today. Much cooler temperatures will be ushered in for the short term.

The associated cold front will be pushing through our service area Friday night into Saturday. There may be a few showers in the SE Big Bend for the start of the term, ahead of the cold front. Although, the big story will be the drop in temperatures as a result of the front. Behind the front, breezy winds and arctic air will settle over the Tri-State region. We expect temperatures to fall to the mid to upper 20s Saturday morning. But with the northwest winds of 10-15 mph and occasionally gusting up to 25 mph, we will have apparent (feels-like) temperatures in the upper teens! Temperatures will warm in the afternoon to the mid-40s yet, the wind will still play a factor in the apparent temperatures in the upper 30s. Temperatures will be even colder for Saturday night into Sunday with lows in the low to mid-20s. The winds will be calmer for Saturday night but, still enough for a wind chill in the low 20s and upper teens.