PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)— The Panama City community gathered on Saturday afternoon for the second annual Hispanic Heritage Festival to honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

Panama City Quality of Life was the main organizer to put together the festival along with the community partners, businesses, and over 50 volunteers.

“We have been planning for almost an entire year off and on and it really ramped up as we got closer to the event,” Quality of Life Director Sean DePalma said.

Depalma said, because they had such a large turnout, next year they will have to integrate part of Florida State University and Gulf Coast State College campuses.

“So as the Hispanic and Latino population grows in the United States, it is also growing here in Panama City,” DePalma said. “They are neighbors and we are neighbors to each other and we want to connect and just learn from each other and have fun with each other, and this just such a great opportunity for that.”

Several people attending the festival said this was a great idea to integrate and share all the different Hispanic cultures.

“To have something like this so we can see how the culture is and like bring a bunch of people together, like one day and just have a bunch of fun and learn about their experiences and stuff,” attendee Javen Courageux said. So, I definitely think that is important when you have a lack of that around the city.” 

Depalma said the Hispanic Heritage Festival was all about coming out and getting to know your neighbors and for different cultures to blend.