PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The City of Panama City is hoping to get families out of flooded areas very soon.

At Tuesday’s commission meeting they considered approving the Voluntary Home Buyout criteria that will be used to select and evaluate eligible homes.

To be eligible for the home buyout program you have to be in a repetitive flooding area.

The city has secured $5 million and are asking for another $5 million.

This would resolve flooding for 40-45 homes in the area between Cincinnati and Lake avenue.

“We all together have about 85 homes that repetitively flood in the city, so this will address half of the issue. We still have more to go and we are doing that through stormwater parks and the way we are renovating our parks we are doing it with infrastructure improvements,” Panama City Commissioner Josh Street said.

Street said once the city purchases the homes with these funds the homes will be torn down and new homes will never be built on that piece of land.