PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City commissioners amended a contract with Hagerty Consulting Tuesday morning.

Panama City added more than $1 million to the contract.

The deal is now for almost $20 million in total.

But commissioners said they wanted to revise the contract and make it more restrictive so that money is only spent to administer $50 million of infrastructure contracts.

This comes after News 13 reported the City of Panama City paid $1.5 million dollars for an expensive marketing firm called KGlobal.

“We’ve reiterated the contract to have further restrictions, to really, truly, honestly make staff job and also city municipal resources have specific parameters to how they can be spent. I think it’s good budget practices to do it,” Panama City Commissioner Josh Street said.

Panama City officials said they paid Hagerty almost $15 million of the contract so far.

Street said Hagerty gets paid based on how much recovery grant funding the city receives.

City officials said Hagerty has helped the city receive more than $400 million in grants and appropriations.