PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Oscar Patterson Academy is still working hard to reopen its doors. The Oversight Committee met on Thursday to continue discussing their plans and progress for the school.

Members of the committee said the classrooms will have new advanced technology, light fixtures, and floors for the classrooms. They also are working on many renovations for the school like remodeling their administration building and cafeteria.

However, one thing they are putting emphasis on is community involvement. Co-chair of the Oscar Patterson Oversight Committee, Tia Wilson, said that is their biggest need.

“We need parent involvement. We need parents that are in the area, that are in the community to have the children come to the school,” said Wilson. “We need everybody passing by and when we have those open houses, we need people to come in and to view and see what’s going on.”

Oscar Patterson Academy plans to reopen in August 2022.