JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Jackson County officials began an effort called, “Keep Jackson County Beautiful.” They’re starting with community cleanup days.

“The primary reason is to give our citizens an outlet to be able to, you know, make their lives easier,” Administrative Services Director Hunter Potts said. “So, in this case with the community cleanups, it’s to provide locations where they can dispose of their large household items that have just been sitting there and gathering dust basically.”

The trash drop-off locations spread across Jackson County at five different spots.

They’re accepting items like non-metal furniture, rugs, and mattresses.

The county is asking that you don’t drop off hazardous materials like paint cans and oil. They’re also not accepting TVs, tires, construction debris, or appliances.

So far, the waste amnesty initiative has been successful at the first four locations.

“I think most of the dumpsters were basically almost right at the capacity of over half-full and no trash on the ground so it’s been a good, well-received thing by the community,” Potts said.

The only place left to bring hefty trash is at Jackson County Recycling on Wiley Road.

That location will be open for bulk drop-off on December 18th and 19th.