DESTIN, Fla. (WMBB) — A hot and wet summer is causing headaches for pool owners around Okaloosa and Walton Counties. 

The owners of Family-run Pinch-A-Penny in Destin said they are seeing a large increase in algae growth in both salt and tablet pools.  

“So we’ve been seeing a lot of algae this year. A lot more than years past. A big part of that, is we’ve had huge amounts of rain storms. Today alone is 97 degrees and algae loves both sun and they love warm water,” said Owner Kevin D’Jesus.

D’Jesus said rainwater dilutes the chlorine and the heat burns off the salt and chlorine creating the bloom.

Both green and black algae are found in backyard pools. The green is easier to kill off but both cost hundreds of dollars to get rid of.  

“A pool in the backyard is essentially a pond that you’re fighting every day to not be a pond. It’s a constant battle. It’s something we’re always kind of working towards so, having a regular maintenance schedule to help stop that from turning green is really important here,” said D’Jesus.

D’Jesus said the best thing a pool owner can do is prevent algae with regular testing and maintenance. They have the ABCs of pool care to remember. 

“A is for maintaining your proper level of sanitation in both saltwater pools and chlorine pools. Both use chlorine it’s just introduced in different ways. We usually want to be between 2 and 4 parts per million. B is our weekly shock. It’s kind of like an insurance policy. So what it’s going to do is going to bring the chlorine level all the way up to a 10 for about a 24-hour period. You usually want to stay out of the pool during that time and we’re doing it in the evening so that way the sun isn’t breaking down the sanitizer at a fast level. It’s going to kill out anything that might have had the chance to get in the water, both algae and bacteria. C is to add a little bit of maintenance algaecide. Here at the store, we use our all-in-one algaecide, it’s generally meant to target a wide variety of different types of algae. Using these methods, the ABCs really does help keep your pool nice and clear and beautiful for the summer and for your family,” said D’Jesus.

Staff said to target the algae as quickly as possible. It grows fast and it will spread quickly. D’Jesus said algae growth will slow down in the winter months.

“Usually in the winter time, you know we’re not quite cold enough for winterization up here, but we are cold enough that the water you know, you don’t really want to get into because it’s a little chilly. That does mean that algae growth slows down significantly when we get to those cold 60-degree temperatures,” said D’Jesus.

Pinch-A-Penny operates for both Destin and South Walton County homes.  

Contact them online or by calling (850) 533-5153.