OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– A Niceville mother is working to ensure that parents have more resources when it comes to grieving, through a device known as a CuddleCot.

Kristyn Szala was about 18 weeks pregnant when she found out her son Asher would be born with a life-limiting condition.

“You think that you’re going to have a lifetime with your child and to have that time taken away is absolutely crushing,” said Szala.

She said the news took a toll on her mentally.

“During that time my mental frame of mind really had to change from bringing a baby home, to whether he would or live or not,” said Szala.

That’s when Szala was introduced to a CuddleCot by a close friend.

“A CuddleCot uses a cooling pad that is placed inside a bassinet. It’s connected to an insulated tube and then it uses a cooling system to cool it down and then your baby can be next to your bed,” she said.

The cost for a CuddleCot is about $2,800 dollars. The Szala family was gifted one through a GoFundMe page with donations from various friends and family.

The CuddleCot gave the Szala family two and a half days with Asher who was stillborn. Now Kristyn is hoping to give extra time to other families.

She donated the devices to five area hospitals and plans to donate more. She credits the people she’s been able to help as the reason she keeps going.

“It really helps families in dealing with their loss and I feel like it’s a really important tool that should be an option to all families,” she said.

Szala plans on hosting community events to increase funds for CuddleCots.

To learn more about Asher’s Hope you can click here.