DESTIN, Fla. (WMBB) — The Tripp Tolbert ‘Up To It’ training facility is a huge hit at Destin High School.

Self-made Destin businessman Tripp Tolbert pledged a $1 million donation to the school in 2022. The school built a state-of-the-art weight room with the first $250,000 installment.

“It’s really not even about me or a title for me. It’s about the kids here at Destin High School and for the staff and the faculty. It’s just an amazing job they’ve done. This is actually my first time seeing the facility, and the gym, and I’m so impressed with what they’ve done with it. I could not be happier,” said Tolbert.

Principal Christine Cruickshank says is the most used classroom they have on campus. 

At the unveiling ceremony on Oct. 19, Tolbert presented a $100,000 donation to be split between the football program, athletics department, and academics.

“It’s just such an honor. For my kids and maybe my grandkids one day to come here and see their father’s name in such a first-class facility and something that is not just good for football, it’s good for the whole athletic program at Destin High School,” said Tolbert

Football head coach and Florida State hall of famer E.G. Green said the training facility has helped bring their team to the current 6-2 record. 

Tolbert is battling cancer and wants his wealth to go to things that can make a difference before it’s too late for him to see it happen. 

The school took Tolbert’s life motto of “up to it” to be the new sports motto.  Tolbert said he got this quote as a fishermen’s tale, that when you bring a fish up from the water you give it up to god, and through him anything is possible. He says he is always ‘up for it’ if he can help someone in need.

“I’ve had some personal struggles dealing with some health issues, and I’m 62 years old. I have a nine-year-old. So my mission’s pretty much set in front of me in the city and raising my kids. So that’s what’s first and foremost on my plan,” said Tolbert.

The sharks also created awards for every sport to give to students who are excelling in their lives off the field.