SNEADS, Fla. (WMBB) — Police are now identifying the officer who was shot Saturday while responding to a neighborhood dispute.

The suspect shot the officer several times before law enforcement shot and killed him.

During his time as chief, Sneads Police Chief, Michael Miller, said this is the first time he’s had an officer-involved shooting happen in his department.

“We are a family in this department,” Mill said. “We treat everybody as such and we’re a tight-knit group here.”

Sneads Police are now identifying the officer who was shot as Sergeant Brett Preston. Preston suffered multiple gunshot wounds while responding to a call on McKeown Mill Road along with a Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy.

“Sergeant Preston is one of the greatest men I have ever known,” Miller said. “He has a heart of gold, he is a great friend, a great officer who loves his community and would do anything for anybody.”

Chief Miller said the 42-year-old man who shot Preston was shot and killed by law enforcement.

Miller said he doesn’t know which officer shot him or why the man was arguing with the neighbor. He said when he got the call he was concerned about Preston’s wellbeing.

“Every call that you go to, or every traffic stop you get out on, whether it be a welfare check, just pulling a car over for speeding or going like this one to a dispute between neighbors we never know how it’s going to turn out so we have to prepare every day for every call that we go to that it could end terribly like this one did,” Miller said.

Miller said this incident is an eye-opener for their officers.

“We have young officers who have never been or heard or knew any coworkers or colleagues that have been through this type of situation and their eyes are open to it,” Miller said.

Sergeant Preston is still in Tallahassee and it’s not known when he’ll be able to return home. Chief Miller said there’s potentially a long road of recovery ahead.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is currently handling this investigation.