PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Florida’s lone statewide elected Democrat shared her campaign platform after making her candidacy in the 2022 Governor’s race official on Tuesday.

Commission of Agriculture Nikki Fried took to social media to make the big announcement where she said it was time for ‘Something New’ in Florida.

Some say she is considered to be an early frontrunner among the democrats who have publicly announced their campaign for Governor — including Representative Charlie Crist.

Fried said she is disappointed Crist is giving up his seat in Congress while democrats hold a majority in Washington.

“But I know that when we take our message to the people, they will want something new,” Fried said. “They want to know there is someone who has been listening to them who has been consistent on messaging.”

Fried has consistently criticized Governor Ron DeSantis’ for his response to the pandemic. When asked what she would have done differently, she said she would have “brought people together.”

“They needed somebody who was going to stand up there and tell them the truth,” Fried said. “Tell them what was going on, and be empathetic to the plight of them. Also by bringing everybody together, by hearing different sides of the argument, by listening to what is right, by talking to the cabinet and talking to your members of congress, talking to healthcare experts, talking to your local elected officials.”

Fried said she is running on what she calls ‘The People’s Platform’ and wants to bring more jobs to Florida. She adds there are specific issues the state needs to focus on before that can happen.

“We need to be creating a better infrastructure and that is mass transit,” Fried said. “We need to be focusing on our K-12 public education system which is the bottom — number 47 — in the country. We need to be focusing on affordable housing.”

Fried said she wants to make sure the people of Florida are first and that they are building from the bottom up.