MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast in Miramar Beach can now help the newest and tiniest among us.

Hospital officials said they can help premature babies born at 30 weeks or below three pounds. The hospital received its smallest bundle of joy.

“It’s great because it enables us to take care of more patients in their community without having to travel a long distance to seek neonatal care,” said Neonatology Dr. Philip Tatum. “So, we’re able to take care of the smaller babies who are often in the hospital for much longer.”

Ethan Hendricks was born two months early on November 11th. Baby Ethan’s parents, Fawn and Bryan Hendricks, call baby Ethan after one of their favorite movies, ‘Mission Impossible.’

“We tried to have a baby for five years. We went through a lot of loss, a lot of doctor’s appointments, and a lot of just emotions and frustration from the whole infertility journey,” said the Hendricks. ” You know, it was probably three years ago we’re watching ‘Mission Impossible’ for the 12,000 times, and we’re like, you know what? We love this movie so much. We should name our son Ethan if we ever have a boy.”

The Hendricks said this journey has been a roller coaster for them.

“We had a few setbacks. You know, we were so close to him increasing and taking his bottle, and then we came in one day, and he’s just so pale, and he wasn’t moving around a whole lot,” said the Hendricks.

Luckily, baby Ethan is now up to five pounds, and slowly, all the equipment is being removed.

Doctors at Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast said baby Ethan should be headed on his own ‘Mission Impossible’ just in time for Christmas. He’ll be going home.

“I put off decorating my house,” said Hendricks. “It just didn’t feel right decorating when he was at the hospital. So, I was like, I’m going to hold out. I’m going to hold out. But hopefully, if he keeps gaining weight, we should be home by December.”

A small miracle, hopefully home and under the tree on Christmas day.