PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)– After four months of recovering from a tragic car crash that police said involved a drunk driver, News 13’s Tess Rowland is back to work on the morning show.

Rowland had five surgeries back in May and received injuries to her shoulder, arm, elbow, knee, among other internal injuries. She is still attending both physical and occupational therapy for her injuries at this time.

“I have 4 plates and 22 screws throughout my entire right side, so I am definitely a bionic woman now,” said Rowland.

Throughout her recovery, Rowland stressed the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and never giving up even when times get tough.

“You just have to wake up every day and never give up,” said Rowland.

News 13 reporter recovering after car crash involving alleged drunk driver

Rowland said she is also using the blessing of her life to advocating for drunk driving prevention in the area.

“As a survivor, I am using this opportunity to become a voice for the voiceless, and those who did not survive. People need to understand that drunk driving is not an accident. Someone makes the choice to put themselves and others in danger,” she said.

Rowland is working on partnering with law enforcement agencies throughout Bay County to create a DUI Task Force. Rowland has also partnered with White Wreckers to provide free towing for those who are impaired.

Rowland also extended a big thanks to WMBB, her family, and the viewers for continually uplifting her towards making a full recovery.