DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) — A Walton County non-profit organization that helps women overcome drug addiction and sex trafficking is opening a new location.

Stephanie McMinn saw a need in the community to help women recover from drug addiction and sex trafficking, so she decided to help.

In 2010 McMinn founded BeGenerous inc.

The non-profit is a 24-month program that provides a safe place for women to live.

They live in “yellow houses” which are in undisclosed locations in Walton county.

“It’s a safe place. We have a sound environment where they can grow and find healing and restoration and ultimately reunite with their children,” McMinn said.

The new store is called “All Things New”.

It will be a safe place for women recovering to work.

They also hope to draw-in people that may need help.

“There is a social norm that has labeled our area and we want to bust that up and I actually want to challenge business owners in the community to take a stand and be a drug-free workplace, because when they leave recovery when the programs end they actually don’t have a place to go that’s safe and sound,” McMinn said.

Amanda Hunter was introduced to the program while she was in the Okaloosa County Jail.

She had an opioid addiction.

She hopes the store will help her rebuild her continue rebuilding her life.

“I have education and I want to work but now I have a lot of charges, so the All Things New store gives me the opportunity to gain employment, be a productive member of society and train up women that are coming in. So it gives me a place to work and rebuild my life. But also all the funds we make here go back to support our mission,” Hunter said.

The store will be located in downtown DeFuniak Springs and will sell home and garden items and specialty teas.

The hope to open the store sometime next month.

McMinn said they rely on the support from the community if you’d like to help visit their website.