CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — A new Aldi will soon be built in Callaway. Aldi plans to demo land on 7th street across from Walmart sometime in the next 30 days. 

“Economic development growth for the city is always very important,” Callaway City Manager Ed Cook said. “It’s been this way across Bay County. But for us to be able to attract such a good brand and chain over in this area, that just shows that our growth and with the rebuild of Tyndall and the amount of population growth that we’re having here, it’s an added necessity.”

Aldi will take a full block, once construction is completed. In the next 30 days, debris will be cleared out of the lot and one house will be destroyed.

“It’s about our residents having the ability to choose where they want to shop,” Cook said. “And also have the availability of more diverse shops in the city for them to be able to go to.”

Callaway residents are excited about the new store, and the differentiating grocery stores it will provide.

“I’m looking very forward to this little building here in Callaway,” resident Debbie Spurlock said. “They always talk about, you know, they don’t never have no buildings out here. It’s about time they do have buildings out here.”