PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The first day of testimony wrapped up in a Bay County murder trial Thursday afternoon. 23-year-old Jonathan Lozada is accused for killing 20-year-old Justin Reyes on Dec. 17, 2019.

Prosecutors played Snapchat videos allegedly taken by Lozada showing the body of Reyes lying on the ground while Lozada allegedly stole Reyes’ speakers and music equipment.

“I’m stealing everything bruh,” Lozada said in the video.

Lozada’s former roommates said they then saw the video when Lozada returned home.

Nate Bradwell was at Reyes’ house listening to music when Lozada and his friend Bryce Cowan came to Reyes’. 

“Bryce Cowan and Jonathan Lozada had come over,” Prosecutor Peter Overstreet said. “They had guns on them.”

Bradwell left before Cowan and Lozada. Prosecutors said at some point in the evening the two left the W 26th Court home and went to a nearby gas station to buy beer. Lozada allegedly returned to the home.

Prosecutors said that’s when he shot and killed Reyes.

He then took a video of himself with the body. Once Lozada returned to his Panama City Beach apartment, his roommates called the police. 

“There were stains of blood on his clothing,” Former Roommate Jinnell Barrett said. “Think he was wearing a white shirt.”

But the defense argued there was not enough evidence to convict Lozada.

“He’s not guilty, unless and until the state proves by evidence in this courtroom in this case that he’s guilty of a crime,” Defense Attorney Brian Hill said.