PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Haney Technical College commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Wednesday by honoring one of their own students.

Angelia Robinson has been working on getting her nursing license at age 50.

She’s overcome many obstacles throughout her life. Breast Cancer is one of the most recent challenges she’s faced. She was diagnosed five years ago.

“I was like, ‘why me,” Robinson said.

She is the mother to nine children and she said she struggled for a long time to tell anyone what she was going through.

She made the decision alone not to have surgery. Then she ran into her pastor from California at a nearby grocery store.

“He said, ‘I heard you had cancer.’ Robinson said. “I was like, ‘yeah.’ And he was like, ‘what are you doing about it?’ And I was like, ‘Nothing.’ And he’s like, ‘why not?’ And I was like at that time, to be honest, and truthfully I wanted to die.”

Her father had passed away and she didn’t know how much longer she wanted to live.

But she ultimately decided to have the surgery and now she celebrates being cancer-free alongside her classmates at Haney Technical College.

Two of her sisters already have their nursing licenses. Now, she and her other sister Kidada Garner are working to complete the nursing program at Haney as well.

“She’s very strong,” Garner said about her sister. “It takes a lot to go through all of that then take care of your nine kids and your grandbabies and go back to school. So she’s been through a lot and I am so proud.”

Robinson said if there’s one message to be learned from all of this it’s to stay on top of your health.

She thanks God she is alive to tell her story today.

“If it wasn’t for Him and putting the people in my surroundings to help me, then I probably would have made the wrong choice,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she was lucky to have caught the cancer early enough. By the time she made the decision to have surgery, it wasn’t too late.

She encourages anyone who is over the age of 40 to have a mammogram. It’s also important to perform regular self-examinations.