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Mosley Student to Meet U.S. Senators, Trump at 'Mock Government' Exercise in D.C.

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - Dane Harbison is working his way from Mosley High School to the U.S. capitol. 

He thanked the man next to him for making it happen. The American legion runs the boys state program.

"The whole idea of sending students to boys state is so that they can actually learn more about the government and actually practice just the way it actually goes," Lt. Col. Kent Hansen, commander of American Legion post 356, said.

After a series of interviews, Harbison was nominated and chosen as one of two in the entire state sent to Boys Nation to be Florida's student U.S. senators for the week.

"We'll be acting like the actual United State's Senate, passing bills that we wrote, debating them on the floor, running for president, vice president," he said.

He and the other student will work alongside senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson. They'll even meet another very important person while there.

"We'll be touring D.C., [and] we'll meet the president. He's such an important public figure so to be able to meet him, talk to him, it will be interesting," Harbison said.

Throughout the week, he'll work to get his bill passed as if he were a real U.S. senator.

His bill aims to change involuntary commitment laws for mentally ill patients. 

"Involuntary commitment laws say after they're committed, they have to be put back out on the street within 24 hours," Harbison said.

He wants to change that.

"I'm trying to make it to where if they really aren't healthy, they can be retained until they're ready to decide if they want to stay or not so we can provide care for them," Harbison said.

He was chosen out of more than 350 students. 

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