LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Mosley High School students said it takes a lot to prepare for a musical. They have spent an estimated 120 hours rehearsing and given up many weekends to build set pieces.

It’s this dedication that’s going to bring the play ‘Elf the Musical’ to the Mosley High School theatre stage.

‘Buddy the Elf’ is the main star of the show. He will be played by student Kade Lishbrook.

“I love the humor,” Lishbrook said. “I love the acting and I think everyone’s really strong with it.”

The drama department’s director, Bruce Taws said all the hard work will come to fruition Thursday night.

“Every year I let the kids choose the shows,” Taws said. “So this year we couldn’t find a slot in the fall so we ended up doing the first week of December. So I said you know what let’s try doing a Christmas show. So the first thing that came to mind was ‘Elf’ and once we started listening to the songs it was sold. We just love it.”

Taws has been directing shows for 37 years. 18 of those years have been spent at Mosley High School. He said this will be one of the most intricate plays the school has ever staged.

“We’ve done crazy things in the past,” Taws said. “We made it rain on stage during ‘Singing in the Rain,’ we had Mary fly, Burt do a proscenium walk where he walks and taps upside down. So every show brings its own challenges. In this one we had to make a revolving door, we had to make sleds that rode around on stage, we have to levitate a giant sleigh for Santa, and many many more challenges.”

But the students said there hasn’t been a challenge they haven’t been able to overcome.

“I think we’re looking towards what the audience is going to react to… everybody in the cast and the humorous parts of the show,” theatre student Lacey Marx said.

The performances will be at the high school’s theatre at 7 p.m. beginning Thursday, December 1-December 3. The final show will be at 2:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, December 4.