PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Kids throughout Bay County are overdosing on marijuana. 

On July 8th a Panama City Beach woman was arrested for ignoring her 15th-month child who consumed a cannabis cigarette. 

Just two weeks later a Panama City woman was arrested after her two-year-old ate a THC-laced edible from her purse.

“What we mostly see children getting into is usually the edible products,” Toxicology Fellow Molly Stott said.

Stott said the increase in children overdoses is due to more people having access to marijuana through medical marijuana cards. Stott said 113 kids five and under have ingested marijuana this year. Last year 99 kids ingested marijuana through July 22.

“The difficult thing about the marijuana being formulated in all these enticing preparations such as candy bars and gummy bears and all these different things, is a child isn’t just going to eat half a candy bar, they’re going to eat the whole thing,” Stott said.

Panama City Police said kids ingesting marijuana could become a more prevalent issue as more people get medical marijuana cards. 

“As that type of stuff increases it’s definitely possible that people that don’t keep these items in a controlled, safe environment, away from their children, could get ahold of them,” Panama City Police Detective, Matthew Kelly said.

Stott said 113 kids ages five and under have ingested marijuana this year. Last year 99 kids had ingested the drug through July 22.

“Children do have a disproportionate reaction to marijuana than adults,” Stott said. “They tend to have a more intense reaction. Some of those things could be increased lethargy, they would be very tired. Also we worry about seizures in children as well. And even coma.”