CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Soon Callaway will have some new dining and shopping options.

Construction is underway on several new franchises including Slim Chickens, Whataburger, a rebuilt Burger King, and two new convenience stores.

Whataburger will be located across from Walmart and Slim Chickens will be next to the RibCrib.

These businesses are part of 20 new projects along Tyndall Parkway.

The city also has plans for Beacon Point Plaza which will bring more new businesses to Callaway.

“We believe that the beautification project on Tyndall Parkway, along with the growth and rebuilding, on Tyndall Parkway is what’s really sparking our economic development in the area,” Callaway City Manager Ed Cook said.

City officials said they will be announcing a new grocery store in the near future.