Monarch butterflies continue their migration south over the Panhandle

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BAY COUNTY, Fla (WMBB) — Hundreds of thousands of Monarch butterflies migrate from the northern United States to Mexico each fall. Some of those land in the Florida Panhandle for a short time.

With cooler months just ahead, it’s imperative that the Monarch’s continue to push on to the lower latitudes.
Experts like Julie McConnell at the IFAS extension in Bay County says we can help the leftover Monarch’s keep moving.

“Even if its green and flowering, you just want to go ahead and cut the whole thing back and get rid of it, and then just throw it away and the plant will still sprout back next spring and it’ll be all fresh new foliage that you don’t have to worry about being covered in any pathogens that could negatively impact the Monarchs as they make their way back through in the spring.”

*The pruning is specifically for the tropical milkweed seen in the video, which was mis-called “native” but is actually not*

Taking care of milkweed in your yard will help Monarchs head south before major freezes.

It may be hard to spot Monarchs this late in the season, but you can still find its native counterpart. The Gulf fritillary.

Gulf fritillary’s are here throughout much of the year, but unlike Monarch’s their host plant is the passionflower vine.

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