MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — State Representative Jay Trumbull recently announced millions of dollars in additional state funding would be coming to Northwest Florida.

Mexico Beach received $850,000. $350,000 will go toward a pedestrian street bridge on 15th Street,

“If you live in some of these neighborhoods right over here, sometimes you’re pulling a carriage, you’ve got your baby stroller in front of you or your surfboards heading down to the beach and it’s just so nice to have the opportunity to be able to have a pedestrian bridge on the side,” Mexico Beach City Administrator Doug Baber said.

Baber said he is hoping the bridge would improve sidewalk connectivity on 15th Street. He said they’re hoping to have enough money to cover those sidewalks all the way from 386 to 98.

“This bridge would go along the side of the roadway here just to the side of the road if you’re heading to the bridge and you’d be able to have a 5 or 6 foot wide path for pedestrians, bicycles, strollers any type of equipment you want to get there,” Baber said.

Baber said they’ve wanted this bridge for a long time.

“This has been a tough corner,” Baber said. “When you’re coming around and the sun is setting people are coming back from the beach you can’t really see very well as you can see behind me it’s tilted to the right to allow the traffic to traverse.”

In addition to the pedestrian bridge, Mexico Beach will buy an aerial ladder truck for $500,000. Houses in Mexico Beach are being built on stilts and the current fire trucks aren’t tall enough to put out a fire on a top floor.

“Now it’s become appropriate to us to notice that we can’t get to them with our 36 foot ladders so now we need an aerial ladder truck so we can get up to the higher levels of some of these three-story buildings,” Baber said.

Baber said the pedestrian bridge and the aerial fire truck address public safety needs as the city rebuilds after Hurricane Michael.

Baber said they are hoping to have the money in hand by next summer.